We proudly use Peterbilt trucks and Cottrell trailers.

We buy new trucks often, which helps us keep breakdowns to a minimum, meaning less time in the shop and a lower chance of mechanical failure while loading the cars. With our trucks in good shape, drivers have one less thing to worry about – looking and feeling good as they go down the road.

For looks and added safety, our trucks also have strobe lights, improving visibility for other motorists as well as the driver. When our drivers are making turns or looking in the mirrors at night, looking for their own lights gives them a better sense of where they are on the road.

We order APUs to cut down on idling and to save fuel. Most of our trucks have glider kits, and we run rebuilt CAT engines that are built to last. Our trucks also feature an air suspension lift option to help protect the low profile trailer and bumper, and electric hoist as a redundancy for the hydraulic PTO.