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How Do You Get Your Customers?

So many carriers ask us, “How do you get your customers?” Then those same carriers tell us they’re relying on load boards as their primary source of revenue. Insane! This is a guaranteed way to get frustrated out of the business after you jump through so many hoops to get in, dealing with equipment issues, other … Continue reading "How Do You Get Your Customers?"

Are You Driving With Purpose?

It's rare for a driver to tell me they’re working toward a plan to get the hell out of the truck and enjoy life, family or whatever it is that makes them happy. Most guys say, "I'm gonna drive till I die!" They’ll complain about their health, relationships, and anything else they can find along … Continue reading "Are You Driving With Purpose?"

Are You Stuck in the Hamster Wheel?

I talk to a lot of carriers every day. Some of them own just one truck, while others run fleets. I used to think that if you had been in the trucking business for any length of time and you ran a few trucks, you would have figured out that to be profitable, you needed … Continue reading “Are You Stuck in the Hamster Wheel?”